About Us

After spending twenty years in the menswear/clothing retail business, hats have become our
obsession. But, how did it all start? Growing up in a family of “golden age” cinema enthusiasts,
you couldn’t help but notice how amazing the actors and actresses looked. One common theme,
they all looked great in hats! And talk about versatility. It didn’t matter the genre. Drama, action,
comedy, romance, there was a hat that suited everyone in every situation. Fedoras, trilbys, top
hats, bowlers, berets, toques… never a bad choice.
During our menswear tenure, we developed a taste and appreciation for quality. We spent years
dealing with hat suppliers and talking to customers to learn anything and everything we could
about hats. We would never claim to know-it-all about hats, so we’re always learning and
listening to those around us. It’s because of these years of experience and relationships that we
are confident that we offer some of the best quality headwear options around.
We are proud of our brand. Some might say snobby, but we say we have an unwillingness to
compromise our integrity. Humblewood Hats will never deal with a company that we don’t
believe in 100%. Every supplier we’ve chosen to deal with has been thoroughly researched and
share our brand values and love for hats. All hats are produced in Europe (except for our Panama
hats, which are made in Ecuador and therefore authentic Panama hats).
From the very beginning, Humblewood Hats has been a family project. From logo design, web
development, ordering, shipping, inspiration, support, and even modelling. All family. So with
no further ado…
Welcome to Humblewood Hats! How can we help you look your best?


Alex M.